Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Higher self

"There is this point", he began
They listened in rapt attention
Then he seemed to lose his thoughts
They looked on with apprehension

"Or maybe there was this point", he continued
They looked on hopes renewed
Then he seemed to look away
They thought he had lost it midway

"Actually, there should be a point", he said
They dint think this was going good
Then he kind of turned around
They thought he looked quite unsound

"What a total waste", they said
He still dint seem to come around
He had kind of reached a thought
Where their minds could penetrate not.

Eh? :P


Prasanna Pandit said...

Hahahhahahaha! Excellent poem! :)

Brings back scary memories of some past interviews I may have had. :P :P

gargi said...

Hahaha Oh ya your interview stories are sure an inspiration :P

Vinayaka said...

really touching !!!!