Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tinkle thoughts

Uncle Pai is no more. I am sure all of us who were addicted to Suppandi's hidden genius will take a moment and remember Uncle Pai. He was the man who gave me my most enjoyable childhood evenings. All useless drama of a tiresome day was forgotten once I laid my hands on "Tinkle". I used to dream about Shikari Shambu in English classes! About how lucky he was to get away with anything. Few people have that kind of luck. Of course there was Kalia with his uncanny ability to foil Chamataka and doob doob's extremely well crafted plans. Maths classes were easier thanks to Suppandi. He is and always has been a source of inspiration. That's how I got through school! Doing everything like I was told without using an ounce of brain. Heaven.. :P Tinkle Tricks and Treats were enough to stimulate my lazy-from-textbooks neurons and "See and Smile" gave me all the humor my 10 year old self needed.
Today, I got a copy of tinkle digest on my way back home and I cant wait to relish  some Tantri The Mantri ideas (yea, he teaches you what innovation is, trust me :) ).

Thank you Uncle Pai for Tinkle and some amazing childhood memories.
You are super awesome.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thought tapestry

Yesterday I tripped on destiny
who was engrossed in weaving some secret mystery
Didn't they say she was a perfectly abstract entity
but yesterday she was here composed to reality
She smiled a knowing smile, something on her mind
my smile was confused and curious  - a painted fake
I wondered whose tapestry she weaves
She refused disclosure despite my desperate pleas
She laughed a silent tune when all my attempts had ceased
I looked her eye asking if the weaved web was for me
She was gone abandoning me, all answers have a hidden fee
I was left looking at the web in all its decorative glee
Tonight when I was pondering the web with curiosity
I heard myself laugh the same tune with ease and simplicity
I realized  to who belonged the tapestry, who carried the mystery
I was finally set free.