Thursday, September 20, 2012

I hold you in awe.

I sometimes wonder
about the success phenomenon
would it ever behold me in it's juvenile attraction?
The show offs, the talkers
the screamers, the followers
those that shout their accomplishments
those that look down on other sentiments.

Alas the only thing they could ever do to me -
is increase my disgust, my disrespect, my pity.

That lone man on the distant land
whose voice is anything but noise
in whose work radiant perfection throbs
he who couldn't care less about me,
about you, about our impressions or assumptions.
The only thing that could ever move him -
an idea, a passion, a thought, may be?

Alas no force in the world can hold me back -
my respect, my awe, my heart, my thanks.

Why is there such unmissable charm in humility? Why is there such power in understated achievements? Why cant any amount of money, marketing or pure gab beat pure, consistent and unpolluted ability? Thank god for that unmatched radiance that lends itself only to men of genuine ability, detached passion and consistent excellence. Thank god that nothing can beat down a person true to his abilities.

Thank god for small mercies.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spoilt for choice

Live gives me options
the first is called wealth
in whose shelter, I can live
the life of luxury and stealth.

Then there is a second
it is called fame
fame that spins me a rare story
it can give me wealth and glory.

Happiness, the third is named
elusive, mysterious and slippery
if you choose this, says life
your time will know no pain, no strife.

Spoilt for choice, I am offered love as fourth
deep, lasting, enduring and true
Love that knows no language, no boundaries
Love that can bring peace to you.

Me with my presumptuous, cocky confidence,
I disregard all choices.
I ask for you.
Life, in all its innocence, offers me my due.

I smile as I receive all of wealth, fame, happiness and love,
in their purest form, rare and true - you.


True love

Time stops in its tracks,
unwilling to tick ahead.
The cloud gathers all its lost friends,
unwilling to bring the rain to an end.

My heart, generous, beats a tad faster,
unwilling to let me be the master.
The power of love that is honest and unconditional,
knows no conventions, no rules, no parallel.


Ripples of promises

Words, promises, colors and hue
    As transient as the morning dew
Ubiquitous in their impermanence
    Abundant in absence
Promises disguised as words
    Interfere in all colors and every hue
Nothing more than pebbles tossed in a tranquil river
    The ripples don't last beyond a quivering shiver


My mornings

Mornings aren't mine anymore
not without your gentle touch
My laughs have lost their spirit and roar
now that I miss you so much
Flowers seem to find blooming a chore
and songs seem to bore me more
Nights are longer than ever and unusually so,
As I scan these lonely roads, to and fro.