Friday, August 24, 2007

Sister genius :)

The campus looks like a dream. Assam known for its beauty and its monsoons is a photographer's dream come true. Look around and you either see some breathtaking instances of mother nature's aesthetic sense or pouring rains, the former as lovely as the latter. In the lap of the mountains and on the banks of the river Brahmaputra resides the lovely IIT Guwahati. The campus spans around 700 acres of endless beauty and sheer intelligence in design. You see loads of IITians rushing around on their 2 wheelers (bicycles i mean.. one ingenius rule inside the campus -> no motor bikes. One of the reasons why the campus air is so pure and unpolluted).
The guest house meant for the parents and ahem sisters(and oh yea brothers too) of the chosen few is located close to the entrance and offers some wonderful rooms(ac, tv, balcony and the like ;) ) along with some incredibly finger licking oh-i-ll-never-forget-this-dish sorta food. You get to see the most beautiful, really big cricket ground right from your room balcony making you marvel at those genius IITians who are great even at sports.
I always had thought that a place like IIT would be full of geeks with only libraries all around and people who have forgotten how to be normal. I was in for a huge shock. Once you see the campus and interact with a few IITians, you realize IITians are as normal as u or i, albeit smarter :).
I had an easier time interacting with an IITian coz coincidentally this particular IITian happens to be my kid sister. I used to wonder why in the world she needed to study so hard, slog for two years just to get into this place called IIT. Now, i realize how stupid my thoughts were, because now, i am the proud sister of a lovely IITian :). The kind of reactions and expressions you get when u say u r the sister of an IITian is something you should experience yourself ;).
Once i saw the campus, i suddenly felt that if anyone deserved to study here its these guys who have slogged and dared and finally achieved their goal.
So to all you unfortunate people out there who have not had the chance to visit any of the IITs my only advice to you is -- please get your kid sisters or brothers to start slogging for the next two years :P.
I dedicate this blog to all those dedicated, smart, perfectly normal IITians who have achieved their goal, and especially to my special IITian for making me so proud :)