Monday, December 16, 2013

Love lotus

My love is blessed-
by the sweet angel's song.
My love is blessed-
it can do no wrong.

My love is blessed-
by the child's unreal innocence.
My love is blessed-
with the radiance of permanence.

My love is blessed-
by old grandpa's boundless wisdom.
My love is blessed-
with a grace that is so seldom.

My love is blessed-
by mother's pure heart.
My love is blessed-
a treasure that does not part.

My love is blessed-
with everything that is honest and untouched.
My love is blessed-
for eternity and beyond.

Always amidst all the muddy things there rises an unaffected and majestic lotus. Luckily, my lotus is called love :)


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Anything but a ritual.

And I thought love was a dreary ritual,
a chore and a never ending trouble.
Of heart aches and broken promises,
of winsome words but weary actions.

And I thought love was a dreary ritual.
But that was a long way before today.
Way before I was ever known to you.
Way before life unfolded to me anew.

And I thought love was a dreary ritual,
but that was before I found any trace of you.
You - unspoiled, forthright and innocent,
whimsical, pure and effortlessly true.

And I thought love was a dreary ritual,
an utter fool I was, to be thinking so!
With you love got magical and surreal,
patient and giving, truly unconditional.

And I know today that love is a gift.
To be accepted, cherished and kept,
to be kept away from common convention,
to be treated like a slice from heaven.

With you love, vices don't intrude.
With you love, nothing does delude.
With you love, life is beautiful, like rainbows in May.
With you love, life is perfect, in every way.


Monday, June 17, 2013

Songs of sleep

Sleep comes like a shadow
along life's dreary lane
just when you least expect
and makes life sane again

Sleep works its well kept secret
as life screams its ancient plans
sleep takes over in silent jest
when life has just begun in earnest

Life's mysterious joys are replaced
when sleep's wondrous truth is faced
chaste life has a fitting end
when virgin sleep comes to befriend


Friday, February 22, 2013


I wish to hem my blessings -
with threads of gratitude.
I am conscious of my treasure -
and grateful for its abundance.

I wish to deeply appreciate -
all my blessings this day.
With awe, pleasure and gratitude -
and repeat it all over again.

There is a quiet joy in me today -
joy of a different kind.
for I am blessed with the luxury of love -
love that brings calm to my mind.

I wish to thank all there is to thank -
for this beautiful gift that has become mine.
I wish to sing a thousand prayers -
for it to forever and more remain mine.