Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Short story[1]

Writers digest gives writers some interesting story prompts. Here's the story I scribbled for today's prompt. Enjoy!

The link ->

The prompt -> "While out at a bar, your old high school sweetheart approaches you and gives you an unexpected kiss right on the lips. This causes you to have one intense reaction that will lead to a very memorable night—but not for good reasons."

The story ->
I adjusted my bright red sari as our car screeched to a halt. It was a Saturday night, and being a page 3 journalist meant dressing up and interviewing celebrities at a high profile pub for the day’s “Breaking News”. Unfortunately, I had never been able to get into the skin of a page 3 journalist. Sure, I liked the money, but hey! All I really wanted on a Saturday night was to cuddle up and watch a cheesy movie with the perfect man. Like the camera man who had accompanied me to the pub. Ah! An absolute dream boat. What I wouldn’t give, to be with him right then, all alone, in a faraway place. Pubs were surely not for me. They were for all those celebrities out there. The wannabe actress out there in a strapless green gown, for instance.. How I wished she would commit a fashion faux pas so my boss would get his “Breaking News” of the evening, which would mean I could try and get a vacation for real. Oh, after asking out the cameraman, of course.

I tried to exchange a few words with a caked up celebrity model with a high pitched voice and weird girly laugh, when I saw a man amongst them trying to chat up every pretty girl on board. His broad shoulders and flirty dark eyes reminded me of someone very familiar. Then I remembered. He was the dude from high school I had a silly crush on. Thank god I had long outgrown high school and all its burdens. The tall, intense, intelligent men were what I wanted now and those baby blue eyes just sealed it for me. God, I had to get this camera man out of my mind.

I got back to getting my “Breaking News” for the night. Just then, I felt a light tap and I eagerly turned around thinking my camera man had for once decided to talk. Then, I fainted. Only to wake up and find my camera man look at me with an “Are you OK?” expression. I sighed and like an impulse reaction I returned his kiss. The kiss that had just made me faint! But something dint seem quite right. The expression on his face didn’t do justice to my kiss at all and all eyes were suddenly on me. Why were all the rich and famous curious about my simple love life?

“It was you who kissed me, right?” I asked my cameraman, who looked mad enough to hurl his camera at me.

“No, it was me, your college crush, remember?” It was the dude from college I spotted earlier. Er, why wasn’t the world ending?

Yes, I could see it, right then. “BREAKING NEWS: SARI CLAD JOURNALIST SEDUCES HANDSOME CELEBRITY INTO KISSING HER AND IN TURN KISSES THE CAMERA MAN “. Clearly, I had lost all chances of asking out the camera man or taking my vacation.


Sunday, January 15, 2012


As I begin to take my writing seriously, I wish to keep track of submissions for the sake of motivation ;)

1) The Cha Magazine "Encountering" poetry.
2) "Three poems" to "The weave magazine".

The list will keep growing. Amen!


Friday, January 13, 2012


Readers digest gives writers some interesting story prompts. And here's the story I scribbled for today's prompt. Enjoy!

The link ->

The prompt -> "The plane lifted off the runway and into the air. The person next to you turns and quietly whispers in your ear, “I know I’m supposed to keep this a secret, but I absolutely must tell someone.”"

The story ->
I hated air planes. They made me sick but this was a trip I had to make. I could only hope it would be uneventful and predictable. I carefully made myself comfortable on my window seat as the plane took off. Take offs always made me funny in the stomach. There was something about being lifted off the ground when seated in an unknown enclosure that made me very uncomfortable every time.

I wanted this to get over fast and I was in no mood for any conversation either. My co-passenger, however, seemed to have different plans. He startled me with his deep voice when he said, “I know this has to be a secret but I have to tell someone. I was waiting for the right person and you fit the bill”.

“Excuse me?” I said trying to bring some expression. God, please make this easy and quick.

“The man behind your seat. I murdered him and you are going to have to take the blame for it. If you don’t, my accomplice will raid your home and then, god save your lovely daughter”, he smirked.

“What the..”, my mouth dried up and my mind was numb with dread. God is this real.

My daughter! I wished she wouldn’t have again forgotten to switch the lights off when she went to bed, else I would have to strictly reprimand her when I reached home. Oh dear lord, what was happening to me? I was supposed to be focusing on what the man was saying and not keep thinking about admonishing my daughter’s absentmindedness.

I barely heard him as he continued, “You are going to have to give your handkerchief which I am going to plant as proof against you when the cops look for evidence”.

“What the hell is this about? Why did you kill him? and why do want me?” I managed to bring words out of my mouth. The AC inside the plane was making me colder than it ought to. Why were airplanes so ill designed?

“Stop stalling and hand over the handkerchief” he repeated. My hands went numb. Damn the AC. I tried to focus on the present thinking I would comply with his wishes now and hopefully figure something out later. All those Agatha Christie novels had to come into use some day, dang it. Though I had no idea how. Oh hell, I didn’t even know where my handkerchief was. Goodness I was in a mess.

“Why the hell is it taking so long”, he growled.

“Um.. er..”, what the hell was I supposed to say.

And then from nowhere came an abrupt, exasperated voice that broke the tense silence.

“Cut! Cut! Cut!. For heaven’s sake, can’t you memorize 4 simple lines?” It was my director. I had forgotten my lines again. Being an actor was tough thanks to my wonderful memory.

We had to redo the shot all over again… right from the sickening air plane take off. Sigh.