Saturday, November 27, 2010

Timeless rhyme

Precious things and darling friends
are usually given at sudden steep bends
good things come at the oddest time
that's when my words forget to rhyme



Anonymous said...

No matter that they forget to rhyme,
that's when they are most sublime
And Without the hidden,sudden steep bends,
life would be just a chain of dead-ends.

Don't be sad!

Anonymous said...

needn't rhyme always.
everything does magically when you are around. you should be in it.

very deeply written gargi. nice.

varsha shastri said...

Very nice! :)

Anonymous said...

just WOW......!! Who made you this way?? and how do you form these small deep poems? I cant go away from this blog!!!....

gargi said...

@Sadu - My god, how beautiful are those lines :) No, I am not sad at all :) You come home soon!

@Varsha - Thanks :)

@Anonymous 1 and 2 - Thanks for being so kind :)

suresh said...

and its always tough to put those good moments in words...

Anonymous said...

though its short, it talks a lot ! and the words do rhyme well... simply superb !