Monday, August 15, 2011

Poetics of Poetry

As another weekend departs, my love for poetry deepens. In an effort to bring some structure and method to my study of poetry I've penned down a few poems in different styles. I don't claim them perfect in technicalities - they are only some words and rules I played with.

Syllable : A small unit of pronunciation that has a vowel sound either by itself or surrounded by consonants. Example: River is a word with two syllables (Ri-ver).

1) Haiku - Rules for English Haiku are not as forceful as it is for Japanese Haiku. A Haiku generally has 17 syllables ( 5-7-5). Various other forms and variations also exist. They are based mainly on everyday nature and ordinary objects and experience narrated in not-so-everyday ways.

Vast blue sultry skies
Quivering deep emotion
His extraordinary eyes

Special sizzling spice
fresh coffee aroma announces
Mother's arrival home.

2) Diamond poem - This cute technique requires building a diamond using words (1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 3 - 2 -1) Opposites are generally chosen as the topmost and bottom most words. 
                                                 True            Beautiful        
                                       Reviving       Beckoning     Succeeding
                             Success          Friendship           Warmth      Life
                                       Sickening     Scathing        Friendless
                                                 Commonplace  Pompous

3) List poem - List poems are organized around an idea. All sentences describe feelings and things that we relate to that central idea. 

A bygone friend suddenly discovered
as gentle as an evening sunbeam
as reminiscent as a long forgotten dream
as a much desired companion in life's lonely path
as a ringing bell singing its sweet song
as a panacea for past's wrongs
sweeter than solitude, the sweetest song.

These were some of my favorite styles. Remaining styles remain for another day.