Sunday, November 21, 2010

Have you seen that line?

One side you see the sunlight
the other side the delicate night
If it wasn't for either
how would you have known the other
The blending thin line of transition
between the night and the sunlight
are where all true things originate
before they come to choose their fate
The sun looks up with majestic might
The night looks much alright
The sun spells class and sophistication
The night bestows some raw emotion
How do you choose a further path
when you know not the aftermath
Do you go with the sun mammoth
or do you take the moon to oath
Do you choose the casual and carefree
or do you go into the realm of contemporary
Is controlled passion the way forward
or is free spirit of independence the word
Is life to be lived with prudence puristic
or do we need some experiments exotic.

Why are my poems full of unanswered questions? :)



varsha shastri said...

Superb Gargi! :)

gargi said...

Thank you Varsha :) So glad you liked.