Sunday, November 14, 2010

Equally clueless

She jumped from cloud to cloud ..
hoping to get a better view
of the star that had fallen through.
Minutes before she was in conversation
with the most beautiful star in creation.
She thought he was her guiding light
in the otherwise chaotic night..
but suddenly he had responded with a fall
the earth seemed to have given him a call
Why did the earth always want to befriend the star?

She could never completely comprehend
she being just a blob in the sky with no end
the handsome star seemed exotic to her
but the earth always seemed one step ahead.
She had hoped he would be drawn to her..
why couldn't earth be satisfied with what she had?
The earth was ever the selfish being
couldn't she let her have one star worth keeping?

But there was something she would never realize
looking at the sky tranquilized,
was the earth who was equally clueless
of the star and his where'ness'..
What happened after she had called for the star
didn't it seem like he was almost there by far?
He would finally be hers with the moon left bare
and she would show him why she was better,
she would make the scars on the moon her weapon.

But where was the star who was almost there?
Who was it who stole him midway?



Anonymous said...

This is one of your best posts! :)
Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

this situation sounds vaguely(hem hem) familiar...and you have your genders mixed up :P

gargi said...

Anonymous #1 - Thanks so much :)
Anonymous #2 - I so know who you are. and everything on my blog is imaginary. Next time write your name :P