Thursday, October 8, 2009

Like the day..

Like the day we sat by the ocean
Speaking of fishes and sand and moon and the tide
Of how often the sea searches without
Only to once again find it all within.

Like the day we walked under those trees
Speaking of greenery and birds and war and peace
Of how cruel a cause can sometimes get
Of the pervert in every priest.

Like the day we sat on that mountain
Speaking of heights and depths and sunlight and rain
No, we didn't speak anything much
But Oh! we spoke so very much..

Like the day we sat in our lil ol' house
Speaking of memories and people and bygone days
No we didn't speak anything much
Yes, we spoke so very much!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kalyan Varma's photography workshop - Of lenses and landscapes

Lalbagh has never seemed so beautiful or so complicated as it did this Sunday. "Perspective" is the word. Till today all I saw in Lalbagh was the never ending green patches of grass and some contrastingly colored beautiful flowers. See it from a "photographer with a mission" perspective and you'll marvel at how much Lalbagh has hidden in its moist grassy patches and that beautiful little hill top.

Kalyan Varma, the wildlife photographer ( and an amazing person ) conducts these regular photography workshops and I was lucky enough to be a part of this weekend's workshop. It was a basic workshop that discussed all the fundamental and extremely essential photography concepts which help make a good photograph. A two day session which armed the wannabe photographer in me with some great know-hows. Kalyan, who believes in sharing both his photos and his knowledge (which I respect to no end) gives you some of these wonderful insights about the nitty-gritty of making a photograph look the way you have always envisioned.

Our photography assignment at Lalbagh ( of course it was not a stupid theory cramming session at all ) was to capture the essence of the structure on top of the Lalbagh hill. Trust me, it certainly isn't as simple as it seems. However, I set out with great enthusiasm hoping to get some decent shots. To be honest, I was really surprised at how well some of my photos came out (though most others were as sloppy as usual). It's absolutely amazing how knowing about stuff like lenses and shutters can give an edge to what you capture! Recipe -> Know the basics, use your sense of aesthetics throw in some amazing guidance and voila!

The blurred look I have always craved for.. that striking sharpness I never got.. that particular smile, the soft look .. the seductive dewdrop - all this is now going to materialize!!

Learning the photography tricks - magical .. meeting the magician in person - an honour.

Yours "click"fully,

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Stranger and the Baby

Darkness overcast
And Silent birds
A sleeping Baby
Amidst the woods

Comes a Stranger
Love and a smile
Lifting the Baby
Wrapping his arms

Smiles the baby
with silent delight
safe and huddled
with the stranger tight

Farewell world
I have seen enough
Take me stranger
Far enough

Away from all
To your land
Where I am yours
cuddled on the sand

I promise I'll be good
Everything understood
The Sun and the sea
The Stranger and the Baby