Saturday, November 13, 2010

The thing to do when it rains, is to let it rain.

I am hungry for more rains in-spite of the generous showers we have had recently. I cant seem to get enough of looking at water pouring on me from nowhere. So on today's unimaginably hot weather I went into my stock of rainy memories and came up with some rainy thoughts.

Some mirrors created
from puddles of water collected
Why is it showing me my reflection?
Is it time for some introspection?


The little drop
on the green leaf
beside a pink flower
on the lovely lawn
slips sleekly down
moving to another leaf
slightly smaller than the former
perhaps for the better


The moon looks perfectly done
only in the distant pool of water
just like the love that seems perfect
only because it never happens

The bubbly blue butterfly
kisses the leaf and turns shy
making the leaf glow so much greener
an honest kiss and its untold power.

I wish it rains now,


Prasanna Pandit said...

You inspired me to write my own poem. Here goes:

The rain looks so beautiful,
When seen lying on your bed;
But 'tis not so much fun
When it is pouring on your head.


gargi said...

@Pras - I actually like yours better :P :P