Saturday, June 12, 2010

Of rainy days and saturday mornings...

My windows are open bearing witness to the pouring rain outside..droplets of water fall on my face as I sit leaning against the window sill with a piping cup of coffee in hand.. I wonder why rain is called rain.. why not just water .. why do we say "its raining" .. wouldn't it have made more sense to say "its watering" ? Probably.. but who cares .. all I am sure of is that the watering would take me in just as much as the raining does..

Its a lovely Saturday morning.. lovelier than usual .. these poor school kids don't have their Saturdays off. Its a half day they say.. like it makes any difference. I see them running around in their colorful raincoats.. A yellow one catches my eye.. The boy seems to be having fun getting wet, maybe its fun to attend classes with wet clothes and dirty feet.. I wonder what he is thinking, probably about how late he is going to be for class.. or maybe not .. little boys think about more important stuff like which computer game he would be downloading the next day..being Sunday! Sundays are fun.. but Saturdays are better coz the anticipation of a holiday is always better than the realization of a holiday..

Anyway coming back to the raincoat, the yellow raincoat has these big green buttons! I think its kinda cool, though I would not be caught dead in that thing.. I was more into yellow raincoats about 14 years back.. Now its just grey and probably a muted blue.. oh wait maybe red too! Ya.. raincoats ought to be audaciously bright to bring out the color of the rain.. grey is just not it.. hmm I should go buy a yellow raincoat..


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Today's sky...

There is joy in today's sky
the clouds sudden and divine
seen heralding a couple
holding glasses of wine...
There is a smile on the face,
the dimples sealing the case :)
Happiness heralded everywhere..
Even on the rainbow so rare!