Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stories on a lens.

I recently found the phrase for the kind of photography I have always wanted to do. I have never wanted my photographs to be only a copy of what the eyes saw. I always want my photographs to be able to express what the heart saw. Turns out the phrase for such a thing in the photography lingo is "concept photography".. You create a mood out of the scene leading the viewer to something deeper than just what they can see.. Probably like narrating a story without words.. or like inviting the reader to imagine his own story based on what he sees..

And yes, a dear and close friend of mine has gotten an awesome new camera for me as a gift!!!!!! ( Oh yea, I know I am lucky .. please go ahead and envy me! :P ) and I just cannot wait to click some stories. :)

Immensely excited,

Friday, May 7, 2010

The inexplicable.

The trace of a dried raindrop..
The final word before the full stop..
The love in a rapist's heart..
The new born baby's past..
The sorrow in the happiest look..
The cliche in the finest book..
The lame man's winning dance..
The dream in the dying man..
The life in the sickest room..
The hero of the forgotten war..
The vision in the blindest man..
The quirk in my middle name..
The shadow in the brightest room..
The hope in the broken heart..
and the wish that always comes true :)

Inspiration -> "The gin soaked boy" :)


Can it get better?

An old book with its comforting stories
A new one with its untold mysteries
Aroma of a freshly brewn coffee
This is pure bliss, can it get better than this?

For nothing could ever rekindle my soul
like a moonlit evening and a chocolate bowl
I decide this is perfection topped with some cheese
For how can anything get better than this?

A sweet melody ringing background
and the delighted birds chirping along
My wordless heart and its endless song
Can it get better after so long..

Who's that by the door?
Love and happiness galore!
It cannot not get better than that?
Can I ever be mistaken more? :)