Monday, November 15, 2010

Some people

An instinct is all it sometimes takes
sometimes everything falls into place
some people are just meant to be
if we open our minds and let our hearts see

There cannot always be a reason
like the rain that comes out of season
some people enter in small measures
and end up being the best treasures

Some friends get so special
some moments turn so true
I wish I could hold them tight
no clue about tomorrow's plight

Is there a way to let people know
that they are like the sunshine on a pile of snow
warm enough to protect, mild enough to savor
true enough to surrender, rare enough to remember

Words come to me best on silent lonely nights with velvet blankets.



Anonymous said...

Find a way Gargi!.. dont loose those treasures....

Prasanna Pandit said...

Beautiful! (And I mean it this time. :P)

gargi said...

Thanks Prasanna :D (Though I liked your rain comment better haha)

Anonymous said...

Truly this is beautiful. The words are simply at its the best.