Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Still unsung songs

They surround me today
the long lost memories of yesterday
the paintings of people long bygone
coffee and conversations of yore
of the loving long letters I wrote
to forgotten souls living in faraway places
of the endless words I strung for poems
on the endless lonely moonless nights
of the days where nothing seemed all that right
and of some still unfair but perfect for me
of the bright purple dress I once had
with the pretty flowers on the hem of the hand
lot has changed between then and now
my heart still holds those silent unsung songs
of my undefeated love miraculously clearing the wrongs.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Books or nothing

A long term dream finally brought to fruition. I have read numerous books. Some well known some akin to hidden treasures. Silly as it may sound I have never wanted to lose track of the jewels I have tracked.
Which is why ->
( I am also proud to be able to take the photographs of the cover pages the way I want)

Now that I have a backup of the busiest part of my brain, I can sleep happy :)