Saturday, February 20, 2010

Keeper of dreams.

Time cannot touch her
she is the keeper of dreams
Too late to take over
No man and no means

She has found the journey
to her only destination
Answers to her questions
a state beyond confusions

Her heart bears him no expectation
only a belief to the point of obsession
Her love is strong and blessed
with miracles beyond imagination


Can you?

You can build a dam..
can you stop the waves?
You cannot stop the wind
you can just build caves
You can stop the war
can you bring in peace?
You can kill the woman
touch her soul you cannot.

You cannot stop the revolution
you can just lock them in
You can have her body
can you win her mind?
You can force their words
their loyalty you cannot
You can make him bleed
can you mar his spirit?

You can close your eyes
you cannot stop the sun
You can force her to abandon
but can you steal away her heart?
You can keep her out your eyes
you know you cannot from your thoughts..
You can cheat the world
can you your mind?

You can try but you will fail
the hearts have long since set sail

The Rice Mother

"The Rice Mother" - The book I was reading today. I dont remember any book after "Memoires of a geisha" that has evoked such emotions in me as this did. Every page made me sob. Every line gave me a new thought. I should have read this long long back. My friend gave this to me and I am so glad she did. Everything I am going to do or think hereon will in some mysterious way be connected to this book. Its amazing how life silently steers you towards hidden and forgotten treasures on an otherwise innocent saturday afternoon. The crisp, yellow pages soaked in my favorite "old book" scent has taken me away to a distant land. The cover picture of the lone woman on a sailing boat gazing with determination into an unknown future beautifully captures the story's essence.

The book is grand. You have to do a lot more than just read it to know it.

Oh and by the way, do make sure you have in your life, atleast one friend who is a true piscean. I have one and she always manages to push a bit of her piscean charm into my pretentious leonine life :)


Friday, February 19, 2010


Many a times I have wondered about the concept of rebirth... If the whole thing is fact or fiction. Till recently, I used to discard the theory to be total nonsense. Today makes me hope otherwise. For various reasons. I so desperately hope that there is a new life, a second chance at everything.

If there is such a thing, I want it now.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


You are what dreams are made of..
you bring the dreams to life.
The day gets its cheer and the night its peace,
just by the love light of your eyes.

You are too wonderful -
you can only be admired.
too beyond the ordinary..
for anybody to conspire.

You make everything else look so mundane..
small and inane and pointless..
just a brush of your hand,
the world is tossed into nothingness.

You are too pure to be touched,
you can only but be felt.
too divine to be loved,
you can only be worshiped.

You belong to everybody,
yet you are a stranger to all.
God's most beautiful creation..
His moment of pride, his stroke of inspiration.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Sometimes sitting alone
I notice the small creations
the ruffling leaves
and the sailing moon
birds busy in flight
clouds in search of the infinite
the vain rose with all its thorns
the stubborn fly fighting all norms
the greatness of nature
and the smallness of man.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Random musings

I have always wondered whether he wanted life to be his complete signature painting or just his ever editable canvas. And I always reach the conclusion that it is just a canvas. A huge white canvas where different strokes are brushed, different lines are drawn,, different colors painted. Any completed painting for an artist is a labor of love... and we would always want our labor of love to be perfect. In every sense.

Life is a huge project. A labor of love that cannot be completed or perfected so easily. I am sure he must have realized it. I hope he has realized it. I hope life is just a huge canvas ever on the path to being a perfect painting.


Forbidden treasures

Words unspoken
Feelings hidden
beauty that's unadorned
intelligence that's innocent
Always have a special place
like the secret of heaven

The things we tweak
for the results we seek
the unsaid assumptions
the unwritten laws
none hold meaning
when the feelings get going

Forbidden love
special treasures
unexpressed emotions
bygone days
Always have a special place
like the secret of heaven