Saturday, February 20, 2010

Can you?

You can build a dam..
can you stop the waves?
You cannot stop the wind
you can just build caves
You can stop the war
can you bring in peace?
You can kill the woman
touch her soul you cannot.

You cannot stop the revolution
you can just lock them in
You can have her body
can you win her mind?
You can force their words
their loyalty you cannot
You can make him bleed
can you mar his spirit?

You can close your eyes
you cannot stop the sun
You can force her to abandon
but can you steal away her heart?
You can keep her out your eyes
you know you cannot from your thoughts..
You can cheat the world
can you your mind?

You can try but you will fail
the hearts have long since set sail


Prasanna Pandit said...

Now this, I like. :)

gargi said...

:) ya.. one of my readable ones this :)

sadhwi srinivas said...

You can cut a dog's tail
But you cannot stop him from chasing it around.


gargi said...

@sadu.. ya :P