Wednesday, February 17, 2010


You are what dreams are made of..
you bring the dreams to life.
The day gets its cheer and the night its peace,
just by the love light of your eyes.

You are too wonderful -
you can only be admired.
too beyond the ordinary..
for anybody to conspire.

You make everything else look so mundane..
small and inane and pointless..
just a brush of your hand,
the world is tossed into nothingness.

You are too pure to be touched,
you can only but be felt.
too divine to be loved,
you can only be worshiped.

You belong to everybody,
yet you are a stranger to all.
God's most beautiful creation..
His moment of pride, his stroke of inspiration.



Prasanna Pandit said...

Umm. Just a doubt.. Are the last two lines (Love, Gargi) part of the poem? :P

Kidding. Nice poem. :)

Aravind said...

Who else can decipher what god had in his mind. You are simply the best. Like Ethiopian coffee!

sadhwi srinivas said...

How do you think of these things? You know, one can guess how much you like to draw and paint things just by the things you write about.

We shall presume that thees eez probably how an artist's mind works ;) :)

Rajneesh M L said...