Monday, May 23, 2011

Love is:

Love is:
its own madness its own reason
its own danger its own rescue

Love is:
its own mission its own inspiration
its own adventure its own justification

Love is:
the old woman's only enduring memory
the little girl's lifelong dream

Love is:
the bride's precious anticipative anxiety
the widow's never-ending misery

Love is:
how the ideal world should ideally be
what unconditionally unites you and me

Love is:
what's needed at every step to infinity
what lets us ourselves be

Love is:
what keeps me warm and sets me free
what brings me home to none but thee

Love is:
what makes me write despite all reality
what we are and what we forever wish to be



Anonymous said...

Awesome !!!

Intuit said...

Very very well written :)