Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chasing Rains and Rainbows

Rain, the destroyer

Burdened sullen sky finally having its say
nervous trees keep swaying away
it has begun to rain today.
Evening's gloom has deepened itself
drowned in a spurt of the sky's regret
Old men are reminded of their failing affairs
little kids are robbed of their games again
The evening lamp has embraced death
not withstanding the wind tempest
Muddy waters and naughty stones
are showing their talents at impertinence
How far away have you gone from here?
Have you lost your way in this madness of rain?

Rain, the inspirer

Bountiful sky has begun the celebration
the trees have joined in joyous liaison
it has begun to rain today.
Washing the evening gloom forever away
Enticed by the sprinkles of water and earth
old men are reminded of their wonderful youth
little kids can make mud balls under the rainbows again!
The evening lamp has modestly given way
to the resplendent moonlight coming our way
Cleansed earth and purified hearts
now renew the love and goodness of heart
Here I live with no worries no fear
Knowing you'll bring an umbrella and a warm sweater

On a rainy evening,