Friday, December 3, 2010

It's not mine

How can I trouble my tears to no mercy
over something that was never meant to be
like always I should let the thin thread break
and I should hand it to my friend - destiny

How can I ask in all my prayers divine
something that can never be forever mine
my prayers are only answered up to the comma thereof
God always forgets to search for the full stop

How can I surrender and sublimely belong -
to some loose notes that can never be a song
my box is full and filled with many a colorful petal
only missing is the middle and the petals inevitably fall

Can I wish for one more eternity beyond?
where there's just you and I and a pond
where the heart is not held at ransom by the mind
where I am yours and you are mine to find



Anonymous said...

It is not a mere coincidence
That 'destiny' rhymes with 'what is mine'
Your time is not due to God's providence
But because of who you are and where you belong
Speak your mind, open your heart
And time will string the words for your song

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant and I'll never read this again. Never did a poem make me so weak.

Aswin said...

brilliant! :)

sharan said...

nice one... :)