Sunday, March 14, 2010


She found her meaning and happiness in a polka dotted sea shell, while I searched for mine in the approaching waves of the ocean hoping they would spill me a secret. For her, an evening of enjoyment meant a couple of different flavored, cashew topped, king size ice creams, while I failed to find mine even in the most luxurious of homes surrounded by hordes of people. She found pride in the smallest of achievements - in catching a butterfly, flying a kite and in scaring the neighbour's son out of his wits. I couldn't find mine in numerous college degrees and the many bank accounts. Her world started at our doorstep ending near the main gate. For me, sky was the limit which so soon had started to seem so less.
She ran to him with careless abandon and flashing dimples as he entered through the door. She clung to her father who had just returned from work as if he were her long lost treasure. I wondered where I had lost my gift of reckless joyousness and free expression of love I was once loved for. I knew she had got it from me... and so did he. The dimples were his though. He looked at her like she was the most precious thing in the world. He got her a doll and a pretty pink frock. He always said I looked lovely in pink.
I waited. He never came back without something for me. This time, I got a kiss.. on my daughter's cheek.