Friday, March 12, 2010

I have learnt..

I have learnt to remember that silence is "almost always" the best answer
and to recognize the situations which dont belong to "the almost always"
I have learnt not to try to stop things which want to run
and to lovingly embrace things that will never leave
I have learnt that prudence and preservation have their place
but so do experimentation and curiosity
I have learnt to live independently of others
of their thoughts, their opinions and their presence
I have learnt to never underestimate the power of dreams, hard work and obsessive love
and to never overestimate arrogance, power and loud noises
I have learnt that darkness in the room is nothing to be feared
what is to be feared is the darkness in the mind
I have learnt to love passionately like no tomorrow
and never ever expect to be loved back
I have learnt to be receptive to the simple pleasures
to smiles, friends, music and rain
I have learnt to believe in myself beyond a shadow of a doubt
in my endless ability to work till I get absolutely anything I want.. in its purest form
I have learnt when to work hard and never give up
and when to let go and walk away
I have learnt when to make things happen
and when to go with the flow
I have learnt to listen and respect all opinions
but never to forget that its my life
I have learnt not to assume, judge or conclude
and just to listen, trust and explore

I have learnt to live my best life :)



Prasanna Pandit said...

Wow. You have learnt a lot, haven't you? :P

Excellent writing, as always. :)

gargi said...

hehe :P Thanks :)

Dorivalagxp said...

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