Saturday, May 19, 2012

Unreal truth

Life, is such a mirage. An accumulation of things and situations that seem real. But aren't real. That doesn't however make them any less beautiful though. I have a craving for beautiful things. For love and madness. Love and madness cannot be totally real anyway. Else they would not be love and madness. Love and madness is always in the mind. Always outside of a perceived reality. In a realm of their own where everything works but without rules. Where everything is true even if unreal.

If I had to choose between the real and unreal. I would choose the unreal and call it the truth.


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Anonymous said...


There is something so sad about this. But I am sure, whatever it is that you want, will be real, true and yours! :)

As usual, beautiful blog. Each time I read, it gets a shade deeper. Love it!