Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thought tapestry

Yesterday I tripped on destiny
who was engrossed in weaving some secret mystery
Didn't they say she was a perfectly abstract entity
but yesterday she was here composed to reality
She smiled a knowing smile, something on her mind
my smile was confused and curious  - a painted fake
I wondered whose tapestry she weaves
She refused disclosure despite my desperate pleas
She laughed a silent tune when all my attempts had ceased
I looked her eye asking if the weaved web was for me
She was gone abandoning me, all answers have a hidden fee
I was left looking at the web in all its decorative glee
Tonight when I was pondering the web with curiosity
I heard myself laugh the same tune with ease and simplicity
I realized  to who belonged the tapestry, who carried the mystery
I was finally set free.



varsha shastri said...

You should publish a book of your poems Gargi! :)

sadhwi said...


gargi said...

Thank you so much :)