Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Stranger and the Baby

Darkness overcast
And Silent birds
A sleeping Baby
Amidst the woods

Comes a Stranger
Love and a smile
Lifting the Baby
Wrapping his arms

Smiles the baby
with silent delight
safe and huddled
with the stranger tight

Farewell world
I have seen enough
Take me stranger
Far enough

Away from all
To your land
Where I am yours
cuddled on the sand

I promise I'll be good
Everything understood
The Sun and the sea
The Stranger and the Baby



graphite link said...

nestled in his arms
his inner child
his long lost answer
never was a stranger

In dire need of soulful poets
you make a good one

Matter said...

Hey nice poem.. Do check out my blog for a few of my photos related to travel. Hope to hear from you.

Surya said...

Baby in a safe huddle with a stranger can mean only one thing; the meaning of the entire poem is captured by that one beautiful phrase! Good, really good one.

On a curious note, just what is it that you don't do?