Saturday, December 1, 2012

Doesn't matter to me

When the clouds rake up a sorry storm,
  When they thunder up against the norm,
People crave for shelter, safety and calm.
  To me, it doesn't matter: for I've your arms, my universal balm.

When friends cheat, loot or don't care,
  When loved ones are away with no time to spare,
People brood, cry, give themselves a melancholy day.
  To me, it doesn't matter: for I've in you, my best friend in every way.

When life gets stubborn, sullen in an unforgiving way,
  When all paths close, except the ones of pain and shame,
People get disheartened, discouraged and maimed.
  To me, it doesn't matter: for I've your love, it always wins me every game.


1 comment:

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