Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The friend

Have you The one friend
who sticks by you every bend.
adores your quirks, honors your smirks
knows every thought that lurks
who gives you all that is hers.

Have you The one friend
who knows no weather, no time.
with whom your song always does rhyme
whose silence renders powerful as words
she who brings the joy of the worlds.

Friends all kinds, some kind some kinder
some near some yonder.
But the only one who defines belonging
How unbelievable it is, that I
have forever known the feeling.

Friendship is perhaps the only thing that makes me all warm and gooey inside. I am thankful for the many incredible friends I am given. But like everyone else, there is the one friend who is special, surreal and the reason for all sorrows to be forgotten. Whose outstretched hand and the kindly smile always reminds you what an inspiration friendship can be :)


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