Thursday, November 10, 2011

Green thoughts

My work place recently conducted a slogan writing contest about 'going green'/'green IT'. I thought up a few quickly before sending the least crappiest one. Rules said it had to have only 4 words. I thought I should put the rest here :P

1) Keen to engineer green
2) Lets engineer operation 'gogreen'
3) Engineering operation 'go green'
4) Turn your hearts green
5) Engineers keen on green
6) Live the green life
7) You green at heart?
8) Engineering a green tomorrow
9) 'Green'ing technology, honing lives.
10) We dream of going green
11) Green-way or the highway
12) Green globe, clean globe

I know I could've done without the word 'green' too, but somehow it felt nice having it!


Update: I won it! :D

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