Saturday, July 23, 2011

Love - like it has never been.

Love - like the rainbow that piercingly splashes the atmosphere,
like it stamps the skies with its signature - colors that some adore and some fear.

Love - like the madman who starts his passionate unending unrelenting riot,
like he knows of nothing - but the burning desire in his heart.

Love - not like those women who love just so the world can enviously see,
but like those - for whom with the lover, the world simply ceases to be.

Love - not with the colorless tiresome ordinaries of existence,
but with the belief that tests even the unimaginable idiosyncrasies of persistence.

Love - like the maiden who seeks nothing in return, no complaints they hear,
like she lives her infinite life, with demure brown eyes and determination they fear.

If you ever love, make sure you do so with an intensity that can overthrow all previously known limits of love. :)



Aswin said...

Good one :)

rangr1 said...

Love is:
The painful yearning and a dreamy desire.

Love is:
The deep calm that settles on the first meeting of the eyes.

Love is:

Love is:

Love is.