Thursday, July 14, 2011

Baby blue bird

One night, a blue baby bird
she confessed to me -
how lovely it was really
to be forever flying free.
How exciting it is, the possibility
of exploring the realms of infinity.
She told me once, of the blood red stones
the ones she found when she flew alone
she spoke of how they glistened at nights
she spoke of the sea, the sand and the infinite land.
This bird, she comes so often to me
she speaks of miracles, magic, hope and glee
She kindles in me this desire deep and quivering
of love and life and unearthly ecstasy.
She is my happiness with god given wings
She brings to me the sweetest of things.
She urges me to break the walls and fly with intensity
She prods me to do what is deemed an impossibility
I have always thought she deserved a name of real beauty
From today, we shall call her serendipity.

For my favorite english word - serendipity :)



amma said...

u r my serendipity!

gargi said...

Amma - :D :D