Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Precious poetry

Poetry, precious poetry
please let me have my way and get away..
Let me be a passionate romantic today
and turn into an impassioned purist tomorrow
Let me turn love purple with an orange outline
or change the colors to white and black when I sign
Let me be a silent spectator today
and give them all an impression I am always this way
and tomorrow, let me talk to my heart's glory
blurting my deepest feelings, ideas not only
Let me playfully flirt with words the way I wish
and fling them out the window with a twirl and a swish
Let me run outside and get them back in..
put them on paper and get them singin..
Let me make a handsome man look very dumb
and tomorrow, please let me call him my dream!
Poetry, precious poetry
you have been especially lenient with me
Like a kind friend, you have let me set my soul free!


1 comment:

Rajneesh M L said...

Good one this new poem. :P

Being the lover of words that I am, this poem sounds all the more beautiful to me. :)