Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Over confident mind.

What are you so proud about?
What are you showing off?
The castle that you think you own?
with those beautiful pillars on lands unknown..
Or the tomorrow you think you have sealed?
manipulating a million minds, thinking you have it all..

Can you hear the laughter..
directed at the wisdom you are denied
look, the waves are approaching your castle
which is nothing but a mirage on sand
waiting to take away your vain glories, your illusions of wealth
did you say your castle was strong
look closely, the wind is on the other side

Listen there is that laughter again
directed at your assumed arrogance
you think you are an unwritten law, a know it all?
look, the page you were on has just been ripped off
the tomorrow you have conceived is already a yesterday
with the same mistakes and fallen pride just like all yesterdays

what a weird poem, :)

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