Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Voice of whispering colors

His voice was a shade of light, lazy lavender.. the shade I absolutely long and relish .. the rhythm in the sound sometimes reminded me of softly falling snow flakes on an already snow lush mountain. When he spoke of his ambitions, the warm lavender turned alert taking a deeper, vibrant shade.. The intensity of his words took me to a crystal clear flowing river where an artist had forgotten his lavender smeared paint brush which now lent its brilliant color to the water..

Love turned his voice darker still pushing it into the purple'ish' realm.. Sometimes his naughtiness seemed to mix crazy, ticklish, endearing pink to the already passionate purple. Wherever he went, he seemed to leave a soaring dark shade of satin red behind.. the kind of red that makes people fear when they are guilt ridden and fills them with hope, energy and confidence when they are innocent enough to understand reds.. You could neither love him nor ignore him.. He induced confusion just like how green can sometimes confuse me.. Is it a green filled with envy or is it the innocent green which fills the leaves..

It always managed to break something inside me when his words turned to whispering blue.. But blues didn't last long with him.. he was immune to blue.. I can never describe him in black or white. He has always been an enigma with a tinge of grey that perhaps hides the blinding brilliant gold inside.


Aravind said...

Nice.. Next of tickling smells?

sadhwi said...

"I can never describe him in black or white". Awesome :)