Monday, March 31, 2008

Out of the blue.

You came out of nowhere..
as sudden as a flash of lightning..
making my life a poetic paradise
which suddenly had found all its meaning..

As welcome as a ray of sunlight
in the thick of the winter storm..
you came in like the long awaited rains
for a desert thirsty since long..

No color in the rainbow
Can describe the shade of feeling
No expression ever coined
Has the power to express the longing.

One look in the evening twilight
An entire song sung with a smile
Words seemed so redundant..
Your eyes had said it all.



Uma said...

Ho hooo... Going poetic!! Did i smell something?? :D.. Nice poem.. Waiting for the next one.. :)

Rajneesh M L said...

My turn to say, "me speechless :)"

krishna said...

I didn't know you write poems too :) NICE!!!

A Chaingang Soldier said...

Words seeming redundant again.. i guess this repetition means you refer to the same person.

By this observation, Do u place me as psychologically superior than the rest, or just plain dumb?

nitin said...

You don't say much,
your eyes do the talking.
inviting to seek the treasure,
a fortune worth finding.

Hope i could paint the moon
far above and shining.
words are all i have,
to keep this feeling thriving.

did you just mention the thunder,
and the monster lightning
yes there are clouds,
but also the silver lining.

sadhwi srinivas said...

You have been tagged. please do what has to be done asap :)