Thursday, October 11, 2007

And here it comes :)

"Alright so where on earth is she going to sleep?? How are we going to keep her entertained? Will she feel lonely when i am off
to school?" my sister seemed to be over flowing with infinite questions. Mom and dad were pretty amused and equally
curious as all of us awaited the arrival of the newest member into our family. As far as i was concerned i just had a distant curiosity
towards this new member though i had my doubts about how we were going to include "her" with us.

It did seem like a really long wait. We were waiting since morning; it was already 12 pm and there was no sign of her at all.
My sister was on the verge of losing her patience and i on the verge of losing my interest. My grandma was dead against this new addition. She somehow
felt that this "extended" family would be more of a nuisance than anything else. But, its common knowledge that when my sister's
determination is combined with my mom's support it forms a deadly combination and something that people usually dont dare to oppose.

And all of a sudden we hear a very familiar yet a new voice.. My sister jumps out of her chair and screams "Mom, akka i think she is here!!".
I could almost taste the excitement in the air as my sister opened the door and let out a scream of joy.. All of us rushed
to the door to find out what exactly had caused such a reaction. Grandma resolutely stayed inside the room. There was this kind aunty
who accompanied her to our house to see that she would not have any trouble during the journey. Mom and sis welcomed them both with open arms.

Mom immediately took her in her arms as if it was her long lost daughter, my sis was just not in this world. Dad was laughing
at all the frenzy being caused and i felt it was pretty silly to be so exited about this new arrival though i did not dare to
voice out what i felt. I mean, just imagine being so exited about some furry creature running around all over your house, licking and smelling
everything on the way barking uncontrollably and making a nuisance of itself.. and for all you smart people who still have not guessed
lemme take the opportunity and tell you that this new addition was none other than our dog priya :P

This was about 8 years back :) Now Priya is a full fledged, most loved, most accommodating, most attractive (ahem),
and the sweetest member of our family. She is the darling of the entire family and the neighbors :) Its been 8 years and not once
have i felt or even bother to realize that she is not a human. She is much more than just a dog. She actually likes it if people
come to our house. She only barks if they park their vehicles outside our house and end up going to our neighbour's house :P

Well there have been one or two stray cases where she has really been a source of tension(for others :P) Priya in her childhood days
used to get this weird pleasure out of destroying our maids' slippers :P and of entering into any house where the door was innocently kept open.
But then all of us have had our bad days isnt it? Coming to the achievements our priya has managed, my grandma happens to be the one
who loves her the most now !!!( apart from sis that is.. ;) ) Anybody who happens to visit our house seems to find priya most engaging :)
Nobody leaves our house without actually speaking to it( including my uncle who is considered to be most stubborn and who at one point used to hate dogs :) )
My cousins whenevr they happen to meet me ask me " Hey gargi, soo how s priya ?? ", well i guess i will have to be satisfied
in describing priya's latest gimmicks rather than my boring, routine stuff :P .

I know it would be hard for people who never have had a pet to relate to this blog, but believe it or not once you have had a dog as
wonderful and as interesting as priya, you would never find another doggy related conversation boring :) Having pets is a pleasure
and having a pet as gloriously superb as priya is.. well.. just out of this world.

So here s hoping that out "priya" priya is always as happy, as wonderful and as cute as ever :)


Matter said...

Sometimes dogs are just not dogs, they become more than your friend. The way they want to be the center of attention, sometimes you just feel like and a kid is around and also the most intelligent, sometimes more than the owners.

Sadhana said...


the way of narration is really superb!! It is in such a way that makes the reader think what u might be talking about. It brings some sort of curiosity in the reader to go ahead though it is a long post. Nice one!!!

Can I expec your next post on its Naming ceremony!! ;) Usually pets wont be called by such names... But it is Priya!!! hmmm Great!! :)


ДУЦSHI said...

oh! i love dogs... but myt family wont let me keep one. But this time i'll surely convince them. Great writing.. keep the good work going!:-)